Tomato Edamame Nutrition

Tomato  Edamame Nutrition

Tomatoes (Licopersium esculent) came from Peru south of America   and then grow up at Europe like engglish, Canada and to Asia like Indonesia, malasia. Tomato nutrition composition consist like protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus,   iron, vitamin A,,B1,C,

If someone consumed fresh tomatoes regularly can reduce the risk of cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, and colon cancer. Beside that tomatoes have yellow gel surrounds tomato seeds can prevent clumping and reduce blood clothing cause stroke and heart disease. Tomato nutrition has high lycopene content. This content of chlorogenic acid in tomatoes can prevent cancer causing nitrosamines substances, Tomatoes used in the beauty industry to, a lot of masks and anti-aging pill are made from tomatoes. Other substances like Tomtit in the tomatoes become anti-inflammatory, which can heal skin and acne, Tomatoes have high fiber; this nutrition can be preventing digestive disease like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Consuming tomato should be cooked first with cooked like processed into tomato sauce or tomato paste. because content of lycopene  will increase until ten more than lycopene content consumed fresh tomatoes, Lycopene is include  fat-soluble so difficult to absorb by the body so make easy absorb the body Very recommended to make process tomatoes in boiled or steamed process .

Very important to choose organic tomato  CauseWith Organic tomatoes healthier because tomato nutrition free from chemical residues, both of fertilizers and pesticides. Beside that  Tomatoes from the organic results are also higher in calcium approximately 23 mg compared to un-organic tomatoes contain only 5 mg of calcium.

Lycopene is a red pigment that gives color to the tomatoes. Lycopene  nutrition is kind of strong antioxidant that prevents damage to the natural functioning of body cells. As an antioxidant, many research found lycopene helps prevent damage to the arteries, and DNA.Lycopene have stronger than vitamin E. These antioxidants against inflammation that triggers aging and degenerative diseases like arthritis and heart disease.

The most tomato nutrition are lycopene, why? Because one lycopene content large anti-oxidant can help reduce cancer risk.

Many people consumed ten menu contain tomatoes every week, very useful to decrease developing prostate cancer by half, disease prostate cancer and improve symptoms of prostate in patients

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia disease is common old man and become risk factors for prostate cancer later in life. This disease occurs men aged 50 above and increased to 90% at age 80 years and over.

Lycopene is a one of nutritional component can prevent prostatecancer. Epidemiological studies show consumed lycopene regularly and high levels of carotenoids in the blood can decrease risk of prostate cancer. Experimental studies show if lycopene can reduce prostate tumor growth and prostate cancer cells. Conclusion of the researchers is lycopenecan to make slowly .

The study also showed that heating tomatoes and other dairy products actually increase the lycopene, lycopene content in the tomato  nutrition to against free radical. Tomato. Researchers, cooked tomatoes are the best treatment. cause   nutrition tomatoes   in which the body can absorb more lycopene from cooked tomatoes than tomatoes that have not been cooked. . From now try to consumed eating foods containing fruits such as tomato paste or tomato juice. To make healthy life.

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