Oblique Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

Oblique Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

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Oblique Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

www.diet.com Get rid of your muffin top or love handles with this oblique Pilates workout routine featuring Cassey Ho and Sarah Dussault. Visit Diet.com Today for healthy recipes! www.diet.com Follow us on Twitter – Twitter.com Visit Sarah’s YouTube channel – YouTube.com Visit Cassey’s YouTube Channel – YouTube.comVideo Rating: 4 / 5

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Hello there! Have you thought about cleverous 402 diet (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my sister lost tons of weight with it.

I really like these pilates videos !

Hey! Have you ever tried cleverous 402 diet (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend lost lots of weight with it.

@rolandsc I think your comment is good because it’is constructive. I thought that would be the case. But maybe if it tones your obliques it helps to tighten that area making the muffin tops smaller? I’m sure there’s something that is not clear, Cassey always says that we need to do cardio and eat welll if we want to lose fat. Hopefully she can clarify

This works. I really sculpted my obliques. Plus, my love handles are non existent now. For all of those who worry about losing those curves and being left with a straight body shape, don’t worry–it’ll sculpt it perfectly so you have a cinched waist =)

@jayp0etwins it hurts my arms too. you need to bend to the side as hard as you can. As soon as you feel burn push harder.

i’m doing this wrong! the only thing that hurts is my arms and a little bit of my sides. i think it’s my form. how should i feel when doing it right?

i have been doing this does really work?

If you want to lose weight


how much u lose fat by doing this??

XD these workouts mostly challenge my wrist and arm muscle XD

This work out is really effective , the two most important parts to know when losing weight is consistently working out and eating right …. Not just eating less , there’s a very effective diet plan you can find at dietsolution8 {dot} tk

I love what you guys do, and especially this great series with Cassey.

However, these exercises are going to help tone the obliques NOT get rid of muffin tops, which is primarily an issue with excess fat. This is explained better on the video but the blurb is misleading IMHO. It is a myth that you can target fat loss to one spot.

Sorry to have to make a negative comment – I do really support what you do and enjoy watching all your videos!

@robin2967 you know when you zip up your jeans, and a little bit of your tummy sticks out over the rim? . well that’s a muffin top. You know because it looks the same as how a muffin sticks out over the rim of the wrapper

This is a great work out and the instructor presented an excellent example. But the person in the back had TERRIBLE form and should really keep to the more beginner level. She is a perfect example of how sacrificing form to go to an advanced level too soon is bad for your posture.

i did this yesterday and i am SORE

this is a great one I have been doing it for a week now and it has tightened up my beer belly thanks girls

okay what is a muffin top

cant wait to try these out tonight

I don’t like the videos, they are way too fast. If you’re not sure about the right position the exercise is gonna be over before you even started. So you have to replay the video again and again to understand what you are actually supposed to do. =/ I’m just trying it out and it is really annoying to have to get up all the time and replay certain parts again and again.

Thanks for this vid! I love pilates!

watching these workout vids are a real motivation. Thanks!!!

@hopeloersch they don’t have any because they got rid of them doing these workouts lol

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